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Head Over Heels in Oregon – Sister Trip + 1 – Sept. 2020

20 Sep

A friend at the gym told me about his rental on the Oregon Coast and since we wanted something different this year, we made a fortunate decision to go there.  The house offered privacy, social distancing, a beautiful beach and access to many places to hike/visit.  Jolee joined us this year and she added much to the frivolity.  We were lucky all the way around. (Click on a photo if you wish to see more detail)

An Ashland, OR park.  We didn’t know that Ashland had been hit very hard by a fire just a day or two before, but we learned that as we left town.  Entire neighborhoods had been burned to the ground.  Fire were still burning in the Cascades and other places that caused us to be diverted from our original route.  Jolee and her trusty phone rerouted us and we arrived at our house not much later than originally planned.

This road sign (on the street) is in Port Orford).  It greatly amused us.

Of course, we had to drive over the hill and check the view.  I’m sure the view is generally beautiful but, on this day, it was filled with smoke.

The landmark for our house.

The Tale of the Whale gate to the house.  (These photos were taken at different times and the smoke is more apparent in some than others)

View of the house from the gate.

Berries growing right beside the driveway.  They were tasty!

This house was so nice and comfy.

Our first tourist stop was the bookstore in Gold Beach.  Wow!  It gives Powell’s in Portland a run for its money.

J & elvis

Jerri & Elvis

The Gleesome Threesome in Bandon, OR posing with a sculpture made from ocean trash. We had fun visiting many cute shops.  Pretty smoky that day.

Jolee wondered if this farm actually raised dragonflies and turned off the highway to check it out.

We were met by the next sign shortly after our turn.  This was great cause for hilarity.

Eerie fog creeping over the highway.

Our visit to the Prehistoric Gardens was fun and a bit mysterious.

Jerri and Jolee are quite unaware of danger in the background.

All the little kids we saw were enthralled by these sculptured critters.

2 triceratops hatchlings

Jolee is too close to the mama triceratops!

3 serious folks waiting for a streetcar.

Wouldn’t want to meet this guy on a dark trail.

Our favorite place was Otter Point to see critters; otters, seals, dolphins, seabirds and some we hadn’t expected to see…a colony of giant slugs!

Shades of UC Santa Cruz – a banana slug!

A vulture (but we like to call them buzzards) flew over me but this was best shot available.  (Gracias, RDS)

An osprey having a fish dinner

Otter Point arch – The otters, seals and dolphins were just too far away and weren’t posing for us.

We even found a Jolee peeking out.

Beach view of our house. Sadly, we didn’t think to take one when it was sunny.

Jerri’s driftwood that Jolee hauled up to the house.

Pelicans flying along our beach. I love seeing then skim along the water surface.

Rogue River Bridge

Near the bridge is the Mary D. Hume, a steamer built in Gold Beach in 1881. She was retired in 1977 and then sank in the Rogue River in 1985 where she remains today.

We hiked to see the Thomas Creek Bridge, the highest bridge in all of Oregon…345′ tall. I was disappointed that this is all we could see without going down to the bottom of the canyon. My knees won’t do that any more.

Part of the trail was rough.

Three on the trail.

Jolee took a 4-hour hike on a steep trail on Humbug Mountain.

She said it was pretty along the trail along with obstacles to get around, such as this giant fallen tree.  Jerri and I stayed home, walked on the beach, read our books and worked on a jigsaw puzzle.

Back on our beach – the first sunny morning.

Looking north from the house

A beach plant surviving in the sand

Jolee enjoying a taste of the grape

3 weirdos on the deck

We had to go south to McKinleyville, CA on Hwy 101 in order to avoid the Oregon fires.  We were very excited to see 6 elk along the way.   Here is a grazing elk bull.

We took a detour on the way home to see a cousin we hadn’t seen in many years.  This was in Nubieber, CA.  Most folks don’t know about that town, but it’s east of Redding.  Cousin Lee took great pride in showing us his wood projects.  I must say they are really amazing.  These are working models, by the way.

Lee is holding his model of the metamorphosis of a tomato worm.  This is significant because his dad grew many varieties of tomatoes and, of course, had to deal with these pests.


Yes, this is a long blog with probably too many pictures.  But I’m hoping you have enjoyed reading and seeing photos of our Oregon trip.  It was great fun to see territory we haven’t seen before.  At the same time, I sort of felt guilty having a good time while many Oregonians were/are suffering huge losses from the many fires.  May God bless them and help them to recover from this tragedy.





























  The Potholes & Silver Lake – September, 2020

6 Sep

One of the cool things about living in northern Nevada is that even during a pandemic, we can get outside to work in the yard, hike, kayak and maybe even explore our territory.  (Don’t forget to click on a photo if you want an enlargement)

Jerri and I have been doing this off and on this summer.  Hiking and kayaking, that is.  Last week, on a fairly clear of smoke day, we zoomed out Hwy. 88 into the Sierra Nevada where we hiked to “The Potholes.”   You’ll see why it’s called that name soon.  This is an area of huge boulders along with forested area.

A nice path going through a shady, cool forest

Our path led us by a stream with fallen trees

And by some Dino poop…just kidding.  It’s really a pile of ancient lava.

After trekking about a mile or so, we found the potholes.  Sorry about the exposure.  I was looking pretty much into the sun.

A pothole is a circular or cylindrical hole in the riverbed which is produced by force of water and abrasion. A pothole is formed when a circular current of water carrying small pebbles and sediment begins to wear away a rock surface.

This is a fun place to take a dip. But one must be careful because just past that big rock in the background is a long waterfall and a huge drop to even bigger rocks. No bueno to slip over the edge. We were able to to enjoy all this in solitude for about 20 minutes before people began to join us. Good thing we like to get out early.

“To infinity and beyond!”  This view is just to the right and above where the potholes are.  Another long drop into the abyss just beyond those trees on the rock if one is not careful.

The Potholes trailhead is just across the highway (more or less) from Silver Lake and that is where we kayaked twice last week.  We love this place!  This is Silver Lake about 9 am.  It’s so much fun to get out there with no wind (as we have experienced at Caples Lake many times).

“Our” lagoon.  You can see why we love this place.

Paddling into a little arm of the lake.  A fun place to play and swim.

The water in our little cove is fairly warm and enjoyable on a very hot day like it was in this photo.  We just need to be careful of rocks.

Don’t take my picture!
(Check out the rugged mountain in the background.  Smoke from forest fires to the south of us was creeping in and making it hazy)

I swear the fish was this big!

This varmint visited us and wondered if we had any Grey Poupon or crackers. He was quite close to our chairs.  (I think this is a golden mantle squirrel)

Time to skidaddle.  These little guys are quite brazen.  Another time, Jerri heard rustling in my backpack and it was one of these squirrels trying to find food.

Even though it takes close to an hour to get to Silver Lake, it’s the best place for us right now.  Not many people during the week and plenty of social distancing (a term I’d never heard of until 6 months ago).  We love the peace and quiet and the ability to get out and exercise without the crowds.