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Eagles & Ag – Our Style 1/2022

16 Jan

Eagles & Ag – Our Style


Douglas County Chamber of Commerce holds this event each January to celebrate agriculture and the eagles that return each year to feed on the after birth of the cows, which traditionally bear their calves in this month.  It’s a great event and brings many people to the community to see the eagles and tour ranches.

Jerri and I have been on the tours and thoroughly enjoyed them.  But, now we “know” where the eagles will be and are able to zoom out to do our own tour.  Following, are some of the photos we took while out and about.  We definitely love our area and feel blessed that we can get out to enjoy it.  (Please click on a photo if you wish to enlarge it)

This little one was about a day old when he notified his mom to get ready for lunch
A bald eagle and a moocher crow
Bald eagle having lunch
While on our customized tour, we noticed other critters and pastoral scenes such as these. A hawk watching for any chance to get a meal.
Canada geese by the Carson River
Our beautiful Carson Range just in front of the Sierra. There are two Canada geese in the center of the pasture. They look like bumps in the grass.
Curiosity seekers
Nevada is noted for its wild horses and we found two herds by Washoe Lake (technically in Washoe Valley and the the Carson Valley…although there are herds in the Pine Nuts on the east side of the Carson Valley
Two adolescent horses were playing and chasing each other with one literally kicking up his heels.

While we didn’t get to see as many eagles as we wanted, nor did we get the photos we wanted. We did have a good time and look forward to going out again to try to espy more of the enthralling critters here in our area.  If you’d like to see some professional shots of the critters, please click on the following link and then scroll down to the photog section and you’ll have a treat.