Prime Time – March 12-15, 2012: It Was Lovely!

17 Mar

It WAS lovely and we are too.  Here we are toasting us as well as those not able to attend…Michel, Diana and Angel.

My Prime Time began on Sunday, March 11, when Dot Demmin arrived in the afternoon and then we awaited Susan’s arrival at LAX.  She was flying in from Mexico, D.F. after celebrating the 85th birthday of her Mexican mother, the lady (and family) she lived with when she was studying Spanish in Mexico.  Susan arrived on time and then all we had to do was wait for Monday’s dawn to take off for Pajaro.

We got on the road in time to miss the majority of the traffic through LA and that was a relief.  It’s frustrating to sit in traffic when one wants to be zooming off to good times and fellowship.  The weather was good as were the roads.  We had a little hitch going north when Dot was experiencing blurry vision from meds for recent cataract surgery.  Through the miracle of Internet, cell phones and prayer, she was able to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist she had worked with years before.  (It also helped that she and Bill have moved quite a few times and she has doctors all over the map  )  A great load was lifted off her shoulders when the doctor told her surgery was progressing properly.  He tweaked her medication and off we went.  It was a great day!


Dot, Susan and I made some requisite stops at Trader Joe’s and Costco for dinner, treats and wine supplies and we arrived at Pajaro around 3, I think it was.   Others arrived in time for us to take a walk on the expansive Pajaro beach.

The weather was going to be inclement for the next few days and we wanted to get in at least one good walk.   There was a brisk breeze blowing as you can see from Dot’s holding of her hat.  We turned around quicker than our usual several miles because of a wind chill factor that penetrated jackets.  But not before we discovered a Buzzard statue.   This piece of driftwood reminded us of a buzzard and so it was named.

Two Buzzards

By the time we returned to our Buzzard’s Roost (Trish’s condo that is technically Pelican 10), it was time for a taste of the grape, some appetizers, much catching up with each other and the beginning of many fascinating discussions, and dinner.   I call this picture, “Hangin’”

Dot prepared a wonderful dinner of marinated salmon, salad and rice.  I helped a bit, but she is the primary, creative cook.  She does such a terrific job with being innovative with foodstuffs.  I admire how creative she is in making tasty vittles.   She also made some delicious brownies that were something like three layers with brownie, marshmallow, peanuts and more chocolate.  I can’t remember what she called them, but I thought they are akin to rocky road candy bars.

Now Dot’s dinner was very healthy (brownies aside), but, of course, we had dessert.  Linda had brought Gizdich pies, her

Dot's Salmon

famous biscotti and some persimmon cookie bars.  There were other treats, too.   Here is a picture of passing around some of the treats.  This is actually the second night because Shoo forgot to pick up ice cream when she and Sherry were driving down.  It became the joke of the event because Shoo doesn’t forget many things.

Passing the dessert(s)

Baileys and???? It's all good!

THEN, we discovered that one of our staples, Bailey’s goes with just about anything (except salmon and eggs).  It’s really great with pie, ice cream, cookies, brownies, etc. as Elizabeth is demonstrating.

Unfortunately, after dinner, dishes have to be done and Pat graciously stepped up to the task.  She doesn’t look very pleased in this picture, but she always says she doesn’t cook and this is her contribution.  She does a great job and we thank her for all her effort.  The table and counters look great when she’s finished with her task.

Damn Dishes

I wanted to talk about our many discussions during the time we were together…and we did have many, as it seemed there was never a totally quiet moment.  Someone always had a comment or an idea to put forth.  But, alas, not being a good reporter, I took no notes as Michel would have and, thus, don’t remember all we talked about. (See, Michel?  We needed you!)  However, I do remember thinking that if the politicians would leave the nation’s problems to us, there would be more equality, fewer social problems, no wars and men would not be allowed to enact laws concerning women’s private parts or what’s inside them.  They have no clue as to how demeaning some of their ideas and rules are.

Our group is so well educated, reads so much and is knowledgeable of so many issues that it’s inspiring to listen, watch and learn from all of you.  Although, sometimes I’m not up on all that is being discussed and am not always able to put my two cents worth in, I always come away enlivened.  It’s a great feeling to have friends like you to enlighten me.

This is a landmark year for our group in that we’ve all known each other for a minimum of 50 years (as we graduated from dear ol’ OHS in 1962…a very good year).  Some of us have known each other since grammar school…for example; Diana and I met in Kindergarten and have known each other for about 63 years.  Amazing!  But, the point is, that even though we might not see each other annually or more often, our friendship is such that we can pick up and continue as if we had seen recently seen each other.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the large group or just a couple of us; it’s automatic to pick up where we left off and have a good time together.  I have to think that this large of a group with such a relationship for so long has to be unusual.  Prime Timers rule!

Talking hands

Speaking of conversations, I noticed that we have a couple of folks who need their hands to carry on a conversation and we are all very engaged in active listening.  I think we all do this, but Trish and Pat were the only ones I caught on camera.

Talking Hands 2

We made our traditional trek down to the Whole Enchilada at Moss Landing during the second day and had a delightful meal.  I apologize to Dot ahead of time as my camera cut her off a bit, but we know that she’s smiling.  Lynda might have a better picture and I can insert it later if she has one.  This was before we were served, so you can’t see the sumptuous meal we consumed.   Rest assured the Enchilada has outstanding food and if you don’t get enough to eat, it’s your own fault.

The Wholey Trek Group

Online Pelican











While leaving the Enchilada, I happened to spot a pelican perched on a power line.  I’ve never seen pelican perched like this before and had to get a picture of this guy or gal.  The wind was blowing and he was wobbling back and forth but didn’t seem to be uneasy about being online.

Is This Real?

A fun thing about having online access at Trish’s condo was that we could use Google Earth to show each other where we live.  It was really neat to do this and we gained a bit more insight as to each other’s domicile.  Dot is showing us her ranch (that’s what I would call it) and pointed out where she and Bill have planted trees, put in a garden and how far they have to go just to get the mail.  We could also see Evert’s observatory at Lynda’s house and much of the work they’ve done repairing earthquake damage as well as preventative measures for other possible problems.

No Cobwebs for Us!

Sometimes we feel as though we have cobwebs in our joints (or perhaps even our heads), but this really isn’t true.  As a group, we are vibrant ladies still contributing to society in our own ways.  I am very proud to be buddies with you all as you have all contributed to making me what I am today.  Thank you all and thank you for a primo time at Prime Time.

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