7 Apr

Some have asked me why “Buzzard Notes.”  That’s a fair question and I’d like to explain how this blog title came about.

When I finally got enough gumption to figure out how to do this thing and got some good information from Güd Writer who also has a blog on Word Press, I began to tinker with this thing.  One of the first things they ask you is what you want to call your blog. I tried “cora” with many variations and numbers along with “cjohnson” and many of its variations.  They were all taken.  What to do?

Jerri, my sister, has called me “Buzzard” for just about as long as we can remember but we don’t remember why.  There must have been a reason, but it escapes us.  (Maybe because I have a skinny neck?)  I figured no one could possibly have “buzzard notes” and tried that title.  It worked!  So there you have it.  buzzardnotes@wordpress.com

Periodically, I add some little tidbit of something that interests me and post it (Please realize that many things interest me and I love to share them, but time, sometimes, is of the essence)  So if you are interested in being alerted as to when a new post comes along please look for the small “follow” box in the bottom right hand side of the latest post.  If you click on that, it will ask you for your email and then you should be alerted as to when the latest posts happen.

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  1. Gale Richardson Ritter April 8, 2012 at 12:46 am #

    Glad to find your blog. What fun it is! I can remember Jerri calling you buzzard even when we were in college.

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