A Snowy Morning (and Day)

8 Dec
A beautiful dawn

A beautiful dawn – Don’t forget that you can click on a picture and make it larger

This is the pretty dawn that I awakened to yesterday morning.  So crisp, so fresh, so pristine and so cold!  We received about 6″ of snow overnight (which is not a big deal to those living in Colorado or Holland, but it was to me)   I was pretty surprised to open the side door to take bird food out and find the snow piled up against the door.  I learned to use my new shovel very quickly!

The snowed-in bird bath

The snowed-in bird bath

This snow made me glad that I’d moved the bird feeder but sorry that I’d put a tarp under it to catch stray seed (to prevent my lawn growing foreign stuff in the spring).  The tarp is very slippery underfoot.  Live and learn, I say.  When the snow melts, I’ll take it up and deal with the foreign grasses in the spring.  Anyway, I fed the birds, took care of their snowed in birdbath and then worked my way out to get the morning paper…conveniently at the foot of my driveway…a zillion feet away from the garage.  Actually, the snow was very powdery and easy to shovel and it was kinda fun until my fingers got very cold.  That’s when I took a break and had some breakfast.  But just as I was going into the house, a kind neighbor brought me some delicious baked goodies.  She’s a good cook!

A lone pathway to get the paper

A lone pathway to get the paper prior to more snow falling shortly thereafter

A snowy abode

A snowy abode

I did eventually get the entire driveway  (well, two-thirds of the driveway.  Not much point in shoveling what is not going to be used) cleared.  It took awhile but I had a great feeling of accomplishment, plus I didn’t feel that I had to use my treadmill  for my cardio exercise.  The only problem is that I couldn’t go anywhere because my car is low clearance and I was/am a wuss in driving in snowy, icy conditions.  It’s not so bad once one gets to the main highway because that’s plowed.  But my street, the main street into the tract and the street to Highway 395 are not plowed.  So they get very icy from people packing the snow down.  Once I learn more about how to do this winter driving business, I’ll probably be out and about.

A snowy bird scene taken during a smaller, previous storm

A snowy bird scene taken during a smaller, previous storm

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the snow and its beauty.  My birds might not be enjoying it but they do flock around the feeder.  I get such a kick out of watching them!  yesterday, a flicker was trying to eat some suet cake and a starling was pecking on the other side of the same suet cake.  The flicker took offense that someone else was eating his food and tried to peck the starling.   There are all sorts of squabbles that are interesting to watch.

Hope you are all nice and toasty and enjoying your winter scenes also.

2 Responses to “A Snowy Morning (and Day)”

  1. Colleen baptista December 8, 2013 at 11:47 pm #

    What a lovely scene. I love watching the birds too so sweet. Looks like your going to need some snow tires or an all wheel drive or it will be a very long winter. Hope your enjoying your new home. What an adventure for a Southern Cal gal!

  2. howard&sherrill harrison December 9, 2013 at 2:16 am #

    And we thought it was a big deal that we had ice in the bird bath! Your pictures are lovely. I hope that you find someone to give you instruction on how to drive in snow and ice. I can see the 4 wheel drive vehicles looking better and better to you. Buy a lottery ticket. Love, Sherry


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