A High Handed Toast to Connie! May 9, 2014

22 May
Connie at the High Hand Nursery

Connie at the High Hand Nursery

It has been my experience that when most folks are celebrating a milestone event, that it lasts a day or maybe a week. But, my friend Connie is celebrating her 70th birthday over a span of at least three months! Her actual birthday is in June but she is celebrating from May until mid-July! That must be a record! In her defense, though, this didn’t happen because of her “high-handedness.” Margie, her sister, wanted to have a surprise party but getting folks to Colorado Springs and keeping it all a surprise was just too much to integrate with all of Connie’s activities/events/church/flower creations. So Margie told Connie the plans and a date in May was decided upon when a very small group of people could get together in Sacramento.

The High hand Brand packing label

High Hand Brand packing label

So it happened that this little group convened at the High Hand Nursery in Loomis, an old farm town a bit east of Sacramento. A nursery sounds like a funny place to have a milestone luncheon, but this is really a cool place…a perfect place for the founder of Connie’s Creations. It’s an old fruit-packing house that’s been converted to an excellent restaurant, several tasteful shops (including wine tasting J ), galleries, and a real nursery.  We had a delightful lunch, frivolity with the conversation, some memorabilia gifts (what else could there be when you’re turning 70?), and a tour of the garden/nursery. It was a memorable occasion! Our wine was even memorable…Hands of Time Chardonnay.


Connie and her "Toast to Connie" book

Connie and her “Toast to Connie” book

Hands across time - Good stuff!

Hands across time – Good stuff!

Taking a tour of the nursery

Taking a tour of the nursery

Posing in the old packing house...Steve, Margie, Connie, Cora, Dick

Posing in the old packing house…Steve, Margie, Connie, Cora, Dick

After strolling around the nursery for a bit to settle our lunch and perhaps to find new treasures, we drove back to Sacramento to that old-fashioned ice cream parlour of Farrell’s!  They provided even more frivolity, drum beats, songs, celebration and treats for Connie.

Celebrating in Farrell's

Celebrating in Farrell’s

Truly, it was Connie’s day, even though it’s not really until June 15. There was so much entertainment and so many comments that poor Connie didn’t get to enjoy her birthday sundae until it was half melted. Always a good sport, she didn’t complain, perhaps because her special sundae was free?

It's my day!

It’s my day!

Only one candle???

Only one candle???

Margaret and Steve left shortly after the party to return to Merced while Connie and I checked into our room at the Quality Inn in Sacramento.

Steve, Margie and Connie

Steve, Margie and Connie

We rested a bit and then had a quick snack with RDS (aka Matt Rivers).  We retired with Tu keeping guard over us.

Tu's celebrating as well

Tu’s celebrating as well

Late the next morning, Dick Schmidt picked us up to go to Burr’s (my favorite ice cream parlor) for an early lunch and, of course, a hot fudge sundae in honor of Bob. I couldn’t decide what flavor of ice cream to have, so I had a two- scoop sundae. Needless to say, I didn’t eat dinner that night.

You might call this the pig trough. It was GOOD!

You might call this the pig trough. It was GOOD!

Here is the lucky dude clowning around with some of his babes in front of Burr’s.

Here is the lucky dude clowning around with some of his babes in front of Burr’s.

Thus ended two days of birthday celebration in Sacramento. Later that afternoon, Connie went to Merced for a bit more celebration and then to LA to celebrate with Deanne and Peter. The marathon will continue soon in June and July. You go, girl! We all love you and wish you the best and happiest of all birthdays!!!

One Response to “A High Handed Toast to Connie! May 9, 2014”

  1. Connie Raub May 22, 2014 at 8:12 pm #

    Oh Cora! What an honor to be a feature in the infamous buzzard notes! Thank you so much for your great documentation! Though it is true that I am celebrating for 3 months, I have graciously stepped aside to leave the month of August and beyond for YOUR 70th Birthday Celebration. The universe is not prepared to be rocked by two of us celebrating at once! Thank you again for your friendship and your efforts on my behalf!
    Love, Connie

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