Pampered at the Atlantis

25 Jun
A night view of the Atlantis Casino

A night view of the Atlantis Casino

Jolee has been wanting to take Jerri to the spa at the Atlantis in Reno for some time now. She finally tricked Jerri into going and I tagged along because it seemed like a fun and a relaxing day.

Jerri and I were a little leery of doing there because we weren’t sure what a spa at a casino was like. But I knew a great massage was in the offing, so I decided it would be fun no matter what. We walked through the casino to get to the elevators and that was a bit off-putting because of the noise bells and whistles. But, the spa floor was sort of like a beautiful cocoon sheltered from any untoward noise. The pampering began as we walked into the spa, were greeted and taken back to the locker room. As you know, I taught PE for many years and experienced typical smelly rooms. The spa was a class place. We each got our own locker (with a lock for which we decided the combination) with an Atlantis robe and sandals to wear as long as we were there. After we changed clothes, we waited in the “Tea Room” where we had some snacks and water/tea before our massage therapist came to take us to our massage rooms.

Well, a 90-minute massage just about did me in for the rest of the day. It was so relaxing and luxurious that all doubts were erased. I could barely get off the bed to put on my robe to go back to the Tea Room to await the next activity. A 90-minute massage seems to get all the aches and pains better than a 60 minute one. Jerri had a good massage, too, and swondered why she had waited so long to go. Shortly after the massage, we were taken to the salon where we each had pedicures. That was wonderful too.


Jolee ordered lunch for us while we were predicuring and we dined right beside one of the pools that are next door to the spa. After lunch we wandered around and checked out the various treatment rooms that we could use. There was the Brine Inhalation-Light Therapy Room, several different types of saunas, steam rooms, and even a fitness room. Who would want to work out after a massage? Not us! The Brine Room was filled, so we went to the Aqua Spa Lounge (hot tubs to us) and relaxed for a while.

These are our beautiful toes after the pedicure.

These are our beautiful toes after the pedicure.

It was right about then that I happened to see a clock and it was already 3 PM! How did all the time pass so quickly? None of us wanted to go home yet, so we wandered back to the Brine Room where there was finally some room.   This is what the web site says about the Brine Room Inhalation: surrounded by light illusions brings the climate of an ocean shore. Surrounded by soothing music, a waterfall of Brine cascades over decorative stones, creating beautiful crystals and magical colors. While resting on the heated tile bench, your senses will be stimulated, both psychologically and physiologically by the specific colors reflecting over the water cascade. The ambience and inhalation of salt aerosols positively affect the respiratory tract to increase well-being.   It was definitely all that. We relaxed some more.

There comes a time when all good things must end and we had to go back to our regular lives. But the good thing is that we know about this luxurious place now and we can return to be pampered once again. Those folks at Atlantis surely do know how to make one feel like a queen for a day. Thanks, Jolee, for taking us there and introducing us to another world!



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  1. Jolee June 30, 2015 at 6:03 am #

    Cora, you were definitely not a tag along. You were part of the plan. I’m so glad you came and enjoyed it. We are beyond blessed to have you here.

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