Prime Time at the Jacobs Family Berry Farm September 19 to 22, 2017

9 Oct

Our first afternoon together began with the traditional gathering for catching up, discussion, laughs and wine. Funny how that works. (Don’t forget to click on the picture to see more details)

The next morning found us in the garden harvesting all the fruit and veggies that could be found. We did this because a good freeze was forecast for the next day and we wanted to save as much of the produce as possible. Diana and Dot are picking string beans.

Bill with a good zucchini he found.

The men were not being straw bosses while we picked. They were planning where to pound poles in the ground that would become the supports for tarps that would cover some of the produce too green to pick. The hope was to save the green fruit from the freeze.

Jack and his stake pounder. I’m sure there is a proper name for the tool but it escapes me right now.

Tying down the tarps.  After all that work, the the freeze was too severe and none of the plants or produce survived.  That was a big disappointment.  None of the berries survived either.  That was a bigger disappointment.

The bountiful harvest

Dot getting ready to carry the zucchini into the creamery where produce is stored.

Trish and Diana discussing the finer points of preparing French toast.

Lynda and Dot sharing pictures

Jack and Evert

Lucy, the ever faithful ranch dog, guarded us very well while trying to get some love and attention.  She’s good at that.

The 2017 Prime Time group getting ready to partake of a gourmet breakfast.

We really should have taken our group picture by Bobula’s Septic Service truck as it came to save us from zooming out to the porta potties that were still in place from the wedding season. The overflow was discovered just a bit before bedtime. So there we all were…putting on shoes and jackets to go out to the very nice porta potties all night long. They actually are very nice with no smells and motion detector lights that go on to help you see to do your business. I kind of looked at it as another validation of “It is what it is.”

Jack is finding out the bad news that parts of the more than 50 year- old septic tank were broken and probably couldn’t be repaired. The upshot is that now the Jacobs’ have a new bigger and better septic tank.

We had planned to go on a hike, but that plan was thwarted when snow began to fall while we were having lunch at Sorensen’s. At times, the light was just right and that area began to shine almost like a Thomas Kinkade painting.

Our time together at the Berry Farm was a lot of fun but we missed those who were not able to join us this time. We all hope we can have the entire group with us when we get together the next time.

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