Prime Time @ Murrieta November 13-16, 2018

23 Nov

The Orange High Panther crew met at Dot’s house for a second time. Some of us flew and others drove to Murrieta. This is Diana and Trish on the airport bus.

A side note here:  Some of the photos are cell phone shots and don’t always enlarge, for some reason.  Likewise, some of the photos are a bit blurry, maybe even ethereal, but I thought they added character to this epistle.  Most of the photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Dot, our gracious hostess, and Rocky met us at the door.

Lexi was there, too.

It wasn’t long before we were settled in the living room, testing a glass of wine or two and chatting like we saw each other yesterday.

You’ll notice Rocky in several pictures. He is very social and loves to have someone hold his bone while he gnaws on it.

Our first dinner of delicious pasta, homemade bread, salad and brownies. Dot’s an excellent cook!

Mike prepared a delicious bath of waffles for our first breakfast.

Chatting before breakfast.

We went out the next morning to look around downtown Temecula and do a bit of shopping.

Shoo is exploring one the many shops we visited. This shop has quite an array of goods, both practical and impractical.

After all that shopping, we felt it was important to be nourished in a healthy; grand style at Soro’s, a Mediterranean grill. That was an adventure also because there was some construction going just outside of where we were sitting. It was tough to hear conversation once in a while.

It’s time to take off the shoes and relax. It’s hard work shopping and having lunch!

Hard to believe, but we needed more snacks and a tad of wine. Trader Joe’s was our shop of choice.

Time for more conversation & vittles.

Dot is an accomplished quilter who has several of her quilts on display in the house. This one was inspired by a display at the Mission San Miguel, just north of Paso Robles. She and I visited the mission one year while on our way to Pajaro where we had some fine adventures during Prime Time.

Susan won the long distance trip, coming from Virginia.

Our house gift to Dot was a set of Thanksgiving placemats…enough (we hope) to have a place for each member of her visiting family for the holiday. Thanks to you, Dot, for all your preparation and work to get ready for us. You are the hostess with the mostess!

The Crew just before Shoo had to leave. We were minus Mike who had to leave prior to the photo. We missed her as well as those who were not able to be with us.

Our time in Murrieta was filled with lots of chatting, opinions, discussions and laughter (I won’t mention the funniest moment…at least in my opinion). The visit came to an end much too soon, but we’re all busy folks who have many obligations. It is such a privilege to be with these ladies who have meant so much to me for, lo, these many years. They have taught me so much and contributed to my life and helped make me who I am.  I continue to learn from you and hope to for many years to come.  Thanks you all for being who you are. I love you all!

One Response to “Prime Time @ Murrieta November 13-16, 2018”

  1. alexandra snyder November 23, 2018 at 6:40 pm #

    You look sooooo good. I think of you so often and so does Lupe. Hoping you had a wonderful THanksgiving with all the Blessings that come with it. We had it at my Daughter’s. There were about 45 of us. Some spent it alone with their families.
    Othterwise we would have been at least 75. Can you imagine. We have a new family who joined us. Darlene’s honey’s family joined us as his mom passed earllier this year. so it was his Dad, Two sisters and and a couple of grandkids. They sure enjoyed the day with us. We were truly Blessed and when we made the circle of prayer which I gave the grace and said what I was thankful for and then I passed it to my left and each one said something they were thankful for.
    Tom’s Dad came up to me and told me what a beautiful prayer and tradition.
    Well as for me, I still have my good and bad days, but I am Blessed for eash day that is given to me.
    Will try and write once in a while.
    Hugs — miss you and Bob.


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