Our First Good Winter Storm – January 16, 2020

16 Jan
It blew hard last night and reminded me a bit of the Santa Ana winds in So Cal with its gustiness and energy, but this was very COLD and the harbinger of the storm to come.  The wind continued into early afternoon, sometimes gusting to 66 mph (as registered on my wind monitor, which hasn’t blown away yet).  All of a sudden, I looked up from reading the paper and could see small flakes of snow flitting around and could also see my barbecue had left its station and traveled over to the brink of my sunken fire pit.  By the time I could get outside to secure it in proper fashion, huge snowflakes were swirling around me.  The wind soon abated and a steady snowfall began.  I’ve been relishing the snow ever since.
To those of you who live in snow country, this is probably not a big deal and perhaps you might even dread it.  But since I know I’m not going to be dealing with 10′ drifts and probably won’t be snowed in, I love to watch and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the storm.   (Just like my dad did years ago) However, I might have to forego the gym tomorrow morning to shovel off the driveway.  The lecture I was going to attend tonight has been canceled, so I’m set for the evening.

My quail, goldfinches and other avian fans of the Johnson Buffet brave the elements to dine.  The blurry spots are melted snowflakes on the window (panes are warmer than the snow)

I love how the snow stacks up on tree limbs as if to add an elegant coat of ermine to embrace each limb and twig

Me?  While enjoying the view, I’m also enjoying my pellet stove that is emitting comfy, delectable warmth.  Elliot, the dragon on top, is filled with water and will get hot enough to spew out steam to help the humidity in the room.  Pellet stoves can be dehydrating.

This is another reason why I love being here.  So many different aspects to the weather that add to the splendor (some would just call it desert views) and variety of this area.  You can’t stop the storm so why not sit back and delight in what nature offers you?


One Response to “Our First Good Winter Storm – January 16, 2020”

  1. Angelika Schildmeier January 21, 2020 at 3:40 am #

    Tired of your Buzzard Notes, Cora? Never! This country of yours is unbelievable, fascinating both in landscapes and wild life and in historical sites everywhere. And you have this remarkable way of seeing the beauty, photographing and describing it! Love, Angel

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