What I’ve Been Doing for the Past 10 Or So Days

10 Jul

My niece, Jolee, spent many days on her hands and knees moving rocks, laying down weed prevention materials and then replacing the rocks.  A backbreaking, fatiguing job to say the least.  As I took a tour of my own back yard, I decided there was too much ugly Bermuda type grass around my trees and I could fix that.  Jolee was my inspiration, plus I wanted to see if I could do it.  (Be sure to click on the images if you wish to enlarge them)

I moved these rocks front the front yard and placed them around the trees when I first moved to Minden in 2013.  Obviously, I didn’t do a very good job taking care of the grass.  This is a before shot.   The area beyond the fence is open space that was originally supposed to be a gold course.  Now it’s full of sagebrush and other plants that provide shelter and some food for many critters and birds.  Just this side of the fence are the many iris that I planted last fall.  I hope, eventually, they will provide a green/colorful vista along the fence.

It seemed like it took forever to move the rocks and prepare the soil for the weed guard material.  It also involved replacing some of the drip system because some of it was at least 20 years old.  It was such a dirty, sweaty job that I usually took off my clothes in the laundry room and then went for a shower.  Yes, I was drinking a lot of Gatorade to stay hydrated.

This little 3” long creature charged at me while I was trying to move his rock home.  Luckily, I saw him moving out of the corner of my eye and didn’t get stung.  Touch up (to highlight him to be easier to see) courtesy of the Matt Rivers Touch-up & Redo Service.

Along the way, I decided to not return the small rocks around the trees as I thought it would look neater.  So, I moved quite a few via wheelbarrow to another section of the yard.  This is just the beginning.

After placing the weed guard material around the trees, I moved some large rocks from another area of the yard to form a circle around the tree.  Then red “bark” was put around the trees.  Jerri helped me do some of this.  Still, it’s a long tedious job.  This is a “finished” tree.  Piles of smallish rocks are still to be moved.  I broke my wheelbarrow just as I dumped my last load this morning.  RATS!  I need to go out and repair it before Jerri comes over to help me move more rocks tomorrow.  No rest for the wicked as my mom used to say.





3 Responses to “What I’ve Been Doing for the Past 10 Or So Days”

  1. Diana July 10, 2020 at 6:38 pm #

    It looks soooo much better, Cora! And the iris should be gorgeous next spring. Congratulations, homeowner!

  2. BettyJane Forshee July 12, 2020 at 4:01 pm #

    Cora, you are an Energizer Bunny. Love it that you can do this work. Love your open space. Hope it’s cooler in Minden than my place. We’ve had 100 plus degrees for days and into the immediate future. Not rock moving weather.

  3. Diana Michaels September 10, 2020 at 4:01 pm #

    Are you wonder woman in disguise???? I am so impressed that all you do and accomplish. That scorpion would have just about done me in. I am a baby on those types of critters.
    Love and blessings. Diana

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