77 Smoky Day

13 Aug

People our age will remember the TV show called “77 Sunset Strip” with Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Kooky with his comb. Well, I’ve just reached 77 and don’t live at the title address but did celebrate and have a very relaxing and pleasurable day.

My sister and I have discovered Kirkwood Lake, a small, out of the way lake that few people know about. We like it that way. The haze in the background is smoke from several forest fires. This haze is much better than in our valley where it’s so thick that we can’t see the mountains that are only about 6 miles away.
Two thirds of the lake has nice cabins near the shore. We’ve only seen a few people staying there in our numerable visits to Kirkwood.
This is the life!
We all laughed at ourselves when we saw this duck, all paddled by it and wondered why it wasn’t scared of us. Then I realized it was a decoy. Oops!
Jolee and Jason and their two dogs, Babe and Bia, joined Jerri and me on this fine day. Babe was very interested in this young mallard in the foreground. But the little duck just wanted people food and didn’t mind Babe at all.
Bia really wanted to catch the duck and play with it. She kept swimming after the duck and would go halfway across the lake before she was called back. The little duck was just playing games with Bia. She tends to shiver after swimming and that is why she is under cover in this photo.
We had a family celebration the next evening when Jerri made my favorite chicken taco salad for dinner and this nice birthday cake. Dalan’s birthday (sitting beside me) was last week and Jerri made her super tacos for the family. We have so much fun when we’re together, laughing and talking and just hanging out. We’re very grateful that we are able to go it once again.

3 Responses to “77 Smoky Day”

  1. BettyJane Forshee August 13, 2021 at 7:45 pm #

    Happy Belated Birthday, Cora! I love kayaking vicariously with you. Welcome to the 77 Club. . . . BettyJane

  2. Dick Schmidt August 13, 2021 at 9:43 pm #

    “Kookie, Kookie (Cora, Cora) lend me your comb.”

  3. Glenda Gregory August 18, 2021 at 6:20 pm #

    Happy Belated Birthday, Cora🎈
    I’ll be joining you age-wise next month!
    Kayaking and relaxing on the shore of your very own lake is pretty sweet.

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